SolispinSolitecs Solispin centrifugal De-watering unit is ideal for surface drying a multitude of extruded plastic pellets including polythylenes, polypropylenes, polyamides, polystyrenes and other synthetic resins.

The machine is usually positioned downstream of the pellet extruder and assists in temperature reduction while pre-drying resin pellets prior to being transferred to storage.

Offered in five sizes the larger Solispin used in conjunction with Solitecs Static dewatering feed arrangement can process up to 42000 kg/hr of resin pellets with overall water extraction in excess of 750 m3 hour.


The Simpro Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor has been developed as a versitile and adaptable unit for the continuous drying, cooling and heating of granular solids and powders.

  • High heat and mass transfer rates which permit fast and even processing.
  • Versitile, flexible and highly controllable opperation.
  • Low installation, running and maintenance costs.
  • Custom built machines with full process and mechanical guarentees.
  • Test facilities available.