HIgh speed ploughshare

For high shear applications. Solitec's range offered from 200 litre to 6,000 litre working capacity, in either mild or stainless steel.

Photo illustrates 3000L Stainless Steel Ploughshare Mixer frequently used for the blending of additives in the plastics industry, equipped with a 100Kw drive, fluid coupling for soft starting and mechanical shaft seals.

Agglomerate may be broken down by fitting side cutters to the trough.

Vertical Square

High speed Verticle Square Mixers for free-flowing powders. Available from 250 Litre to 10,000 Litre capacity in mild or stainless steel.

The photograph shows a 4,000 Litre Square Mixer used in the chemical industry.

Solitec Square Mixers employ an internal screw shape to lift and radially deflect material within the vessel. A combination of carefully researched screw design and vessel shape ensures even material distribution, achieving thorough mixing in remarkably short times.


Primarily used for batch blending and live storage, Fountain Mixers are custom-built from stainless steel or mild steel in any size up to 60,000 Litre to suit the application.

The photograph shows the installation of 13,500 Litre Mixer used for batch blending of plastic pellets.


Sized from 250 to 600mm diameter, with rotary paddles in single or twin parallel shaft construction. Paddle Mixers are the workhorse of many process plants. Suitable for process mixing, back mixing or conditioning (liquor addition) for a variety of products and wastes.

Manufactured in Carbon Steel, Stainless steel or (where required) special steels. With optional features for abrasion or corrosion. Conditioner applications include Spray Bars for addition of water or neutralizing chemicals.

Easy Clean

Easy Clean Mixers for pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications, this range of mixers normally in stainless steel with 150 Litre to 6,000 Litre working capacity complete with easily removable end plates and agitators.

Safety interlocked full length hinged covers are fitted to improve access for regular cleaning.

Designs feature crevice-free construction, self-cleaning end plate scrapers and close fitting ribbon blades to minimize product hang up. Flush fitting outlets can be supplied along trough or in end plate as required. Efficient ribbon agitators ensure short mixing times, with dispersions of one part in 20,000 realistically achievable.

Horizontal Batch Ribbon

A standard range of interrupted spiral mixers available in sizes from 600 Litre to 10,000 Litre working capacity.

The interrupted ribbon agitators ensure optimum efficiency, whilst stuffing box shaft seals with outboard bearings, avoid product contamination.

Jackets can be fitted for heating or cooling applications. Sealed bearings and covers also available to suit vacuum and gas purge requirements.

Cutting wires facilitate efficient mixing of pastes and powders such as fat in flour and oil in fish meals.