Solitec offer a variety of mixers each designed for a different purpose so that we can provide a mixing solution for you product.

Screw Feeders

Solitec manufacture tow types of feeder, the Rite Rate and the Rite Weight. Both are suitable for different purposes and applications.

IBCs and FIBCs

Solitec can manufacture dischargers for IBCs and FIBC as well as the IBCs themselves.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are very efficient method for lifting loose bulk solids vertically. Solitec's modular designs allow for easy of installation and maintenance.


Solitec's answer to drying products come in the form of the Simpro and the Solispin. For for information the Simpro and Solispin, click here.

Silo Dischargers

Here at Solitec we have a number of different products that can be used for silo discharge, these include: Bin Activators, Soliflo, Screw Bin Activator and Ribbon Bin Agitator.


Solitec can manufacture a range of standard Silos ranging in diameters of 2m and 4m, with capacities of between 7.5m3 and 150m3.

Screw Conveyors

Solitec's Screw Conveyors can be built to a wide range of specifications, from Agricultural to Pharmaceutical uses. From light to Onerous, we have a technical solution.

Belt Conveyors - Cleanveyor

The Cleanveyor is an anti-spill, dust free belt conveyor and utilises low friction plates instead of standard rollers, eliminating noise and vibration.