Rite Rate Feeder

Solitec has been manafacturing volumetric metering feeders since 1970 under the name Solifeeder. This concept of modular and quick strip down design has proven to be a feature adopted as a standard throughout the bulk handling industry.

To meet the current demands set by the industry, Solitec is introducing the Rite Rate range of feeders modelled on the Solifeeder in terms of design and accuracy but with the advantage of greater compactness and therefore competitiveness.

Rite Weight Feeder

Hygienic Model with Agitator Conditioning

Continuing a tradition of innovation Solitec have combined their Weigh Feeding Technology with Sautelmas range of computer operated Weigh Controllers to produce the Rite Weight Feeder.

The result is 2 types of competitive and versatile Weigh Feeders, designed to meet the demands for high accuracy solids feeding in industry:-

  • The General Purpose Rite Weight Feeder
  • The Hygienic Rite Weight Feeder

High Accuracy The Rite Weight Feeder has been designed to cope with the rigorous demands of modern Weigh Feeding applications, where the high cost of ingredients demand tighter control of feed rates and variations of bulk density significantly affect the flow rate.

Sophisticated software control coupled to the well proven Feeder design has resulted in achievable accuracies of + 0.5% (or better) of target flow rate.