Bin activators

bin activators
Bin activators from Solitec

Bin activators promote flow of difficult materials from hoppers. A global market leader in the manufacture and supply of bin activators, we have more than 30,000 operating worldwide. See product details on our bin activators page.

Bin activators in use

Bin activators from Solitec are a bulk solids silo discharge solution that induce mass flow from the hopper, and provide gentle controlled discharge.

We have supplied bin activator variations:

• From 600mm to 4.3m in diameter
• Silos up to 18,000 tonnes
• With standing 1 bar pressure
• Flow of 100 tonnes/hour
• Carbon steel or stainless steel.

Materials handled as diverse as glass, wet sand, rubber crumb and food stuffs.

Bin activator construction

Solitec bin activators comprise of a spun steel dish and domed baffle, supported by cross steel members. One or two out-of-balance motors inducing a vibration into the bin activator assembly. The complete assembly is suspended beneath the silo by suspension rods in rubber mounts.

Follow the link to view our bin activator brochure PDF.

Note: Bin activators may also be known as bin vibrators or silo discharge activators.

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