The DiscAir is a well established method of air/product conveying. It works on the principle of a clamped polyurethane disc fixed to a wire rope travelling in a tube at a relatively high linear speed. The discs, loosely fitted in the tube draw in air and product, thereby effectively and efficiently creating fluidisation and product protection with minimal degradation.

    The design lends itself to vertical and horizontal conveying or a combination of both.

    Conveying distances are only limited by the horsepower consumption and physical constraints. By splitting the units into various or varying lengths unlimited distances can be conveyed.

    Products handled are almost limitless, from light non-abrasive products like carbon black, to aggressive products such as iron oxide and sand.

    As rope assembly speeds are considerably in excess of the conventional bucket elevators, the DiscAir is considered to have high capacities compared with other methods available on the market.

    The 125mm unit can handle up to 120 tonnes/hr of product depending on bulk density.

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