Flexiscrew Conveyor

    The Flexiscrew System comprises an Inlet Trough, Flexible Auger & Pipe, an Outlet Unit and a Drive Mechanism. The rotation of the Flexible Auger within the Pipe moves granular & powder materials along the Pipe. The Inlet Trough can be connected to various inlet feed devices, simple bag dumping to calibrated feed rate devices. The Discharge Unit allows the material to exit the Pipe and provides a mounting point for the Drive Mechanism.

    As the name suggests, the pipe & auger may be curved around objects & existing plant. In it’s normal use as a lift device, the outlet can be positioned higher than the inlet, specific maximum heights and conveying angles are discussed later in this document, but it should be noted that the steeper the angle, the lower the conveying capacity.

    The Flexiscrew can also be used for horizontal conveying, again the flexible nature of the tube & screw make the system ideal for installation around existing plant, or where a pneumatic conveyor would be inappropriate.

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