IBC Tumble Blending has been proven to be a great cost effective way blending powders and granules without the need of excess machinery. This not only saves costs but saves room within companies manufacturing space.

    Other benefits of IBC Tumble Blending:

    • Time saving – no time spent discharging from IBC to fixed mixers only to refill IBC’s once mixing has been completed
    • Only mix what you need – with fixed mixers, larger quantities may have to be mixed and stored until needed
    • Low maintenance costs – less machinery = less maintenance
    • Improved product quality – fixed blenders require the products to be transferred after blending. Every time the product is transferred segregation can happen. Less contamination – every time the product is transferred the is a chance of contamination. IBC tumble blending limits the amount of transfers therefore limits the chances of contamination

    Solitec offer two types of Rigid IBC together with a full range of ancillary equipment for filling, emptying and cleaning of containers. IBC Containers are offered in a range of materials including Polyethylene, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel with sizes from half-meter cube to three cubic metres, advancing by increments of quarter cubic metre.

    Both ranges are specifically designed to facilitate ease of discharge for loose solids into a process through an automatic valve and assisted vibration.

    The Simbin range is frequently selected where there is little need to change the product entering the process. The Simbin IBC valve engages on a fixed opening device on the discharge station. It is not always practical to remove this IBC until contents are fully discharged.

    The Solibin by contrast is specifically designed with this potential requirement in mind, and is therefore the better selection where frequent bin change, or removal of part full bin is to be considered. The Solibin system incorporates a pneumatic valve actuator and vibratory agitator within the Discharge assembly. While the bins have a simple valve closure 520mm in diameter.

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