Bulk bag dischargers

bulk bag dischargers
Efficient bulk bag dischargers from Solitec

Bulk bag dischargers in operation

All Solitec bulk bag dischargers offer a modular design allowing for flexibility and are a popular choice in industries including food, chemicals and pharma where there is a need for complete operational and safe control.

Solitec Bulk Bag Dischargers provide the ideal solution for safe, dust-free and controlled discharge of powders and granules from a bulk bag. Our dischargers are designed to integrate efficiently with all types of production facilities, and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Bulk bag dischargers features

Our bulk bag dischargers feature a range of options for safe and efficient operation, including:

• Universal bag lifting frame allows for use with different commonly used bag designs
• Spring loaded tension arms to support the bag during discharge of product and to aid flow to the bag spout and to minimise product residue
• Pneumatic massage paddles to aid flow from the bulk bag
• Dust containment chamber allows safe access to untie the bag spout
• Pneumatically operated clamp bars allow dust-free opening of the bag spout
• Optional bag spout clamp to eliminate dust emission and avoid contaminants from outside of bag base from entering process
• Optional integral sack tip facility

For more information on our discharge products, please see our FIBC flexible discharge unit page.

We can create dischargers as part of a system (either manufactured by Solitec or integrated into your own operations) or as complete standalone equipment. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with conveyor systems, elevators and other bulk handling processes, avoiding redundancy or overspend.

Note: These products may also be known as bulk bag unloaders, FIBC dischargers and FIBC unloaders.

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