Tumble Blender

Key Features

  • Fast Loading & Unloading
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • High Shear Mixing
  • Greater Manufacturing Productivity

Solitec Tumble blending systems use single or multiple axis technology and are available for IBCs up to 3000kgs. A multi-operational system that provides a gentle blending action whilst lifting and positioning the container for discharge into your process plant. This proven Solitec design provides an economic and highly flexible method of batch mixing.

The tumble blending unit can be simply operated by an electrical stop/start button hard wired with a safety interlock switch fitted to the safety cage access door or into the main plant control system including and catering for all your batch recipes.

The IBCs are manually loaded. With the IBC’s top connection blanked off by the lids provided c/w cone locking spider fitted to the IBC cone valve to prevent leakage during the process.

The units are supplied with a base frame and support pedestals to hold the rotating cone safely between the 2 support bearing block c/w gearmotor fitted to drive side.

Manually operated clamping plates will be provided to locate the IBC and a safety cage can be provided for safer operation of the unit whilst in use.