Screw Bin Dischargers

Key Features

  • Single or twin-screw configuration.
  • Manufactured in mild or stainless steel 304 as standard.
  • Normal or heavy-duty construction.
  • Size range, 160mm to 400mm diameter.
  • Throughput capacities from 2.8 to 626M3/hr.
  • Ideal for discharging materials with poor flow characteristics.

Combining variable speed drives with a wide variety of configuration to suit the hopper shape and material characteristics, Solitec’s Screw Bin Dischargers offer an efficient means of positive extraction and feed rate control.

Taper or straight screws in single or multi flight combinations, rectangular and circular shaped inlets and outlets. Specifications available are as varied as your needs. Our systems approach, considering all aspects of the installation, will reveal the precise Screw Bin Discharger for the application.