Key Features

  • Variable discharge rate
  • Extensive discharge capability over a wide range of materials
  • Wide design variation – round, square or rectangular
  • Lifting cone eliminates bridging, rat-holing and compaction
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance

The Solitec Soliflo is an advanced bin discharger. Based on the proven principles of Solitec Bin Activators. With this device the inner cone is raised and lowered automatically, creating an annular gap through which material flows. When the cone in its fully lowered position the Soliflo becomes a shut off valve.

Valve lift and vibration are induced through compressed air at 5.5 to 6 bar.

The Soliflo can be supplied both Round and Square through the size range 600 to 2440 and can be manufactured in Carbon steel, Stainless steel or a combination ensuring Stainless Steel parts contact with product flow.

There are two types of Soliflo available to cater to most known applications:

  • Preset – operating to predetermined increments. However, the flow rate from the preset Soliflo can be increased or decreased by manually adjusting internal collars, which control the lift of the cone.
  • Variable – a timer in a remotely positioned control panel, which pulses the cone valve up and down thus adjusting the flow rate while the material is discharging, controls the throughput from the machine.