Easy Clean

Key Features

  • Crevice free design.
  • Self-cleaning end plate scrapers.
  • Close fitting ribbon blades for maximum cleanliness.
  • Flush fitting outlets along trough or end plate as required.
  • Short mixing times.

‘Easy Clean’ Mixers for pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications, this range of mixers normally in stainless steel with 150 Litre to 6,000 Litre working capacity complete with easily removable end plates and agitators.

Safety interlocked full length hinged covers are fitted to improve access for regular cleaning. Designs feature crevice-free construction, self-cleaning end plate scrapers and close fitting ribbon blades to minimize product hang up.

Flush fitting outlets can be supplied along trough or in end plate as required. Efficient ribbon agitators ensure short mixing times, with dispersions of one part in 20,000 realistically achievable.