Screw conveyors

screw conveyors
Screw conveyors from Solitec

Solitec is a global leader and manufacturer of all types of screw conveyors. Our screw conveyors are the most cost effective and reliable way of transfer and processing dry bulk solids in a fully enclosed and safe manner.

Solitec screw conveyors can be custom built to suit any application, or ex-stock from our standard range. We also stock screw conveyor parts such as hanger bearings, casings and segments.

Screw conveyors in design

Solitec saves as a consultancy for companies looking for a bespoke screw conveyor solution. Our custom built design utilise the latest in design technology, which accelerates our design and manufacturing service. Read more about our screw conveyors.

The systems we create will handle a wide range of powders and solids, including:

• Foodstuffs such as powders, grains and seeds
• Abrasive & hazardous substances such as minerals and chemicals
• Wet, greasy, sticky, fatty and dry products
• Hot or cold processing environments.

Screw conveyor principles

Screw conveyors are an efficient way to feed materials through a processing environment. Our experience in bulk materials handling gives you an end-to-end solution.

We manufacture to meet your demands. The screw conveyor system follows the basic principle of Archimedes but with the modern, quality production that creates a long-lasting, low-maintenance product for mass production.

Our knowledge and flexibility in screw conveyor construction enables us to meet the challenges of handling all manner of materials.

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