Local MP visits Our Facility in Blaenavon

Published - 27th Apr 2023
Local MP visits Our Facility in Blaenavon

The team at Solitec Engineering were honoured to welcome the visit of the esteemed local Member of Parliament, Nick Thomas-Symonds to our factory in Blaenavon. The visit provided an insightful opportunity to showcase the cutting-edge manufacturing processes involved in producing a diverse range of handling and processing machines, including conveyors, mixers, and dryers.

Known for his keen interest in promoting local industries and supporting exporters, Nick was warmly received by the Solitec team. During the visit, he was given an extensive tour of our manufacturing facilities, where he witnessed firsthand the precision engineering and dedication of our skilled workforce.

Expressing his admiration for the engineering capabilities of Solitec, the MP took to social media to share his experiences. He posted, “Fascinating visit to Blaenavon’s Solitec Engineering of @RotolokGroup to see the manufacture of handling & processing machines – from conveyors to mixers & dryers.” The post garnered significant attention and appreciation from both locals and industry experts.

One of the highlights of the visit was the insightful discussion held between the MP and Solitec’s management team. The conversation revolved around the challenges and opportunities faced by exporters in the current global market scenario. With a particular focus on identifying potential new markets for Solitec’s products, the participants explored various strategies to enhance export growth.

The MP applauded Solitec’s commitment to quality and innovation, acknowledging their significant contribution to the local economy. He also expressed a strong desire to collaborate closely with the business community and policymakers to facilitate further growth and success for local manufacturers in Blaenavon.

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