Solitec Welcome 2 Engineers from Ukraine

Published - 26th Jul 2023
Solitec Welcome 2 Engineers from Ukraine

Over the latter months Solitec has recruited 2 engineers from Ukraine, a charity called ‘Displaced Persons In Action’ (DPIA) contacted Solitec to see if we had any positions suitable and available, which we did. Serhii Shapovalov (electrically biased) and Ivan Lutava (mechanically biased) have both been warmly welcomed into the Solitec family.

They have brought a wealth of experience and professionalism to the company, embracing the culture and daily humour that a Welsh workforce inherently brings. It’s our intention and total commitment to make them feel at home away from the tragic situation of their homeland. We all hope and pray that the end will be found soon and for peace once again in Ukraine.

Both have been working on highly specified equipment destined for a petrochemical facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Pictured Left to Right: Ivan Lutava, Serhii Shapovalov & Mark Roseblade

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